Arbors & decks

Arbors & Decks make wood work look amazing at Progressive Landscapes, we love landscaping but we also love how wood work brings warmth and richness to a landscape.

Here at Progressive Landscapes Folsom, we’ve made it our goal to provide our clients with the best wood products that are on the market today. We provide our clients with quality craftsmanship, high quality materials, and all at reasonable prices. Adding woodwork to your landscape will bring out the true potential of beauty that your yard can offer. Natural wood can compliment perfectly with your outdoor elements, such as your greenery, statues, flowers, plants, etc. Wood can become many things that will liven a landscape. Some uses are outdoor rooms for privacy, decking, patios, fences, shaded structures, arbors, trellises, wrought iron fencing, and so much more. We guarantee that adding a wood structure to your landscape will add a whole new level of beauty to you home – while complimenting everything around it at the same time. Woodwork can also be a practical aspect to you landscape which help tie everything together. You can cover a courtyards patio, build a deck or create an arbor as described above. Adding a great wood structure to a landscape design can really add curb appeal and also value to your home. Progressive Landscapes has been working with wood for many years and we would love to talk to you more about the different options would can add to your new or existing landscape. Remember, constructing a landscape with wood elements, is a very important aspect in landscape design. Therefore, we always try to offer you a choice to add some wood work done in your landscape, because we know it will compliment your home. Feel free to call us at 916-365-9552 to go over your home options.


When choosing the type of wood work done in your home it can be difficult because wood work comes in many structures. This includes decks, fences, retaining walls, gates, steps, arbors, shade structures, trellises wrought iron fencing, sheds, etc. Any of these structures can fit your yard by making it look natural and earth friendly at the same time. Progressive Landscapes has been working with wood for years and would like to share our experience with you-so if you have any questions about anything related to wood or landscaping please contact us on the website or call 916-365-9552

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