Installing Low voltage landscape lights is an easy outdoor improvement that can make a big difference in your security and comfort of your home in Folsom.

When Progressive Landscapes install low voltage lights in your yard it should bring a sense of safety and comfort to your home at night. Low voltage lights operate on 12 volts compared to a normal light that’s usually around 120 volts. Low voltage lighting is usually installed near walkways, driveways, walls, etc. Basically places where you are most likely to need them. One of the major benefits of having low voltage lights installed is that it brings a variety of beam spread around your home. You now can have everything from a narrow spot to a wide flood and anything in between. Also you can change the lenses of your lights to give different effects on your yard from mood to appearance.
There are many types of lights out there, but what truly matters is what you want your home to look like. For example, there are lights called area lights also called spot or flood lights – they widen a glow over an item or a large area that you want highlighted at dusk. You can go with that type of light or something smaller and less impactful. Lights come in various finishes and sizes to fit your needs, which consist of in – ground lights, tree lights, flood lights, and more. Remember at Progressive Landscapes we like to enhance the beauty of your home and landscape. As you can see these lights aren’t just for safety and security, they are also used for beauty. The lights is installed correctly can be very beautiful at night, giving your home a nice glow. These landscape lights are also meant to compliment the beauty of your well – kept shrubs and plants, not just your home.


Light Up Your Night With Progressive Landscapes Low Voltage Lighting.

Landscape lights are a great way to show the night time appeal of your home. At Progressive Landscapes we want to give your home a nice night time feel, we do this by carefully placing accent lights and path lights around your home. Here at Progressive Landscapes we like to accentuate gardens, ponds, trees, and rocks. Giving your home and landscape glow at night is one thing, but you can also highlight your driveway, pathways, and entryways to your home for safety reasons too. We hope you contact us for any questions about outdoor lighting needs through this website or call 916-365-9552 today.

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