Paver stones leave beautiful impressions. At Progressive Landscapes we believe that pavers are purely limited by your own imagination. You can maximize your outdoor experience with a paving stone design that is completely your own.

With Progressive Landscapes you can design whatever you want. Perhaps create a scenic yard with a beautiful garden. We have a wide selection of textures, materials, and colors that give you hundreds of possibilities in complimenting or enhancing a landscape. You can now enhance your yard with natural beauty while still being friendly to the Earth. Pavers can become outdoor entertainment areas, from pool decks, cars, patios, etc. Concrete pavers can hold up to the power of weather and travel, so you can have strength and flexibility with you. Concrete pavers can also stand up to freeze-thaw environments showing that they’re a good choice for cold and warm climates. In Folsom we noticed that brick pavers are very practical while being beautiful at the same time. Brick pavers do not crack even if there is an earth quake and if there’s a stain just replace the brick paver by popping it right out compared to tearing the whole driveway apart. Having brick pavers done right can add elegance and luxury to your home, while adding a beauty interest to any driveway. With a custom driveway or paver project done correctly, the price of your home will increase giving you added value while adding attractiveness to your home. Progressive Landscapes believe that your yard is one of the first impressions that someone has of your property. When working with us we can promise you a project that will astonish your guests and neighbors alike. There are many benefits to pavers like versatility, endless design possibilities, high output, low maintenance, strength and durability, safe, colorful, and elegant. We are your top Folsom Paver Stone installer so please give us a call at 916-365-9552 to go over your next project.


Pavers Can Not Only Add Value To Your Home, They Add Beauty.

Did you know that adding pavers adds to the value of your home? Paving stones are four times stronger than concrete, they are earthquake proof, affordable to repair, and are a long term investment. Paving stones give beauty, sophistication, and strength for pool decks, walkways, patios, and more. Here at Progressive Landscapes we will make sure that our installation will stay the way it is for years to come. Our professional landscape designers will make sure that your paved driveway wont crack, sag, shift, etc. We will help pave the way to your dream landscape. Call Us at 9163659552.

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